Do I need a referral?


Simply put no you don’t need a referral.  If your doctor has given you a referral please bring it with you along with any relevant scans or reports.


A referral is required if you are planning on claiming the cost of the consultation through WorkCover, CTP, DVA or EPC (Medicare).   Clients accessing these schemes may be required to pay for their sessions until they have all the supporting paperwork (see below).

Required information

WorkCover:  Referral, Medical Certificate, Claim Number

CTP:  Referral, Claim Number, Contact person at insurer

DVA:  Referral, DVA card

EPC:  Referral, Care Plan, Medicare Card


Can I claim through Medicare?


Normally no you can’t claim through Medicare.  Those with chronic care issues may be eligible for an Enhance Primary Care (EPC) Plan.  This document needs to be created by your doctor.  If you have a Care Plan, Medicare will assist in covering a portion of the consult price.


Do you have a waitlist?


We usually have appointments available within 48 hours, but at peak demand times such as after school there may be a longer wait for an appointment.


Do you have a cancelation policy?


Yes, we are a busy clinic and can have a lengthy waitlist at times.  We ask for 24hrs notice to cancel or change an appointment.  Failure to do so will result in a $40 fee.

Please call reception on 49 999 773 if you are running late to your appointment – as it disrupts other clients.


What should I expect the first time I come in?


Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so we can get your contact information and ensure that you get maximum time with your therapist.  We allow 45 minutes for the initial consultation.  During this time the physiotherapist will listen to all of your problems, assess you and construct a treatment plan.  At Elite Physiotherapy Mackay we feel that it is important to have a longer initial consultation so we can assess the whole problem and explain everything to you so you understand what is wrong.

Wear clothing that allows the therapist to see your area of concern.  Your therapist may also want to see the area above and below – so loose clothing is ideal.

The treatment you receive during the consultation will vary depending on what the physiotherapist finds during the assessment.  At the end of the session you will receive your treatment plan and folder with your exercises.


How often do I come back?


This is a hard question to answer as it varies a lot between different conditions.  Subsequent consultations run for up to 30 minutes.  During these sessions the physiotherapist will modify your treatment and progress your exercises until you achieve your goal.

Typically speaking the sooner you start treatment, the less compensation and the quicker the recovery.  Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you in your initial consultation and write it down on your treatment plan.  On average patients are seen 1-2 times a week and average tissue healing takes 6-12 weeks (though you will not necessarily be in pain for this whole time).


Can I claim through my private health?


Yes, we have a HiCaps terminal which allows for on-the-spot claiming through your health fund.  Bring your card with you to claim on the day so you only have to pay the gap.  The amount paid by the different insurance company varies, so please contact your insurer if you have any questions.

We are Medibank Private’s Members’ Choice provider.  This mean you will get a discounted price and Medibank Private will pay more of your consultation.

We require payment at the time of the consultation.  Payments can be made using cash, credit card or EFTPOS.


How much experience do the physiotherapists have?


Both Gabrielle graduated in 2007 and is currently completing her Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Gabrielle has also done extensive further education and training on back and neck pain, running injuries, hip pain and women's health.

Mandy graduated in 2014 with her physiotherapy degree and completed a psychology degree in 2010. As a high level athlete who play basketball in the USA for several years, Mandy is very familiar with the rehabilitation protocols and demands of sporting patients. Mandy is also completing an intensive pilates program which has her attending ongoing training sessions in Brisbane every 3-4 weeks.


Do you offer Pilates?


We offer clinical Pilates here at Elite Physiotherapy Mackay.  We have a dedicated studio with 3 reformers that also have trapeze extensions to allow for a greater repertoire of exercises.  Classes are held with a maximum of 3 participants, or you can come in for individual sessions.  ALL participants are assessed by a physiotherapist prior to starting exercise using Real Time Ultrasound to ensure suitability to the program. All classes are led by Mandy which means that all Pilates sessions are claimable through your private health insurance.


What else does Elite Physiotherapy Mackay offer?


In addition to physiotherapy services we have a remedial massage therapist Corinna Wegner. Corinna has also done additional training in lymphatic management including lymphatic drainage, bandaging, compression garments and lymphatic exercises.

We are also the only location that you can attend Bounce Back Classes in Mackay. This is a specialised and highly researched spinal, pelvis, hip and shoulder strengthening class designed predominantly for those with long term pain. Check out the Bounce Back website for more details www.bbclasses.com.au/


Where are you located?


In the GasWorks complex on Shakespeare Street.  There is plenty of off-street parking available at the front of the complex.