Why are we different?


With so many physiotherapists in Mackay, why chose us?

As one of the longer practicing physiotherapists in Mackay, Gabrielle has heard from many patients about their previous experiences with physiotherapists. In addition to this, her recent role in the public health sector as a consultant has given her a greater insight into what is being provided by many physiotherapists around Queensland. 

From the start the focus at Elite Physiotherapy Mackay has been about providing high quality evidence based treatments individualised to the patient. Now most physiotherapy clinics claim to do this but the level of staff knowledge, appointment times and practice culture can sometimes interfere with this. Our focus is not on pushing the numbers to keep the dollars rolling in but on you the patient and figuring out what is the best management for you personally. 

To ensure we do this we

  • Have some of the longest appointment times available in Mackay. No trying to jam it all into 20-30 minutes on the first day. We allow 45-60 minutes on your first appointment to really get to understand your condition, how it is affecting you and form with you a plan to get you better.
  • We conduct regular physiotherapy training sessions. Every week our physiotherapists get together for an hour to discuss current research and take a deeper look into different problems. Outside of this our physiotherapists have constant access to practice owner Gabrielle if they have a challenging patient that they need assistance with.
  • Our physiotherapists attend more external training courses than the average physiotherapist. Our physiotherapists attend at least 2 external courses a year. This can see them travelling anywhere in Australia to get some training from some of the best physiotherapists in the industry. These courses usually run for 2-4 days giving our staff heaps of extra knowledge to apply to our patients. 
  • We use state of the art equipment like a high quality real time ultrasound machine to image muscles and joints, a fully equipped pilates studio, treadmills, wind trainers, etc. We can even set you up with a free app on your phone for your exercises - no more stick figures on pieces of loose paper. You'll never forget your exercises again with the myphysio app. 
  • We work closely with plenty of other health professionals so we can easily discuss with them whether other treatment options may be suitable. Examples of the health professionals are GPs, orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, dentists, pharmacists, radiologists, psychologists, women's health specialists, headache specialists, etc. The sign of a great health professional is one that knows the boundary of their knowledge and know where to refer on to.